Under Attack

Yesterday morning 8 Turkey Vultures decided our property was a good place to hang out and dry off the feathers after a night of rain. 2 on the telephone pole at the end of the driveway to the North. 1 sitting a few yards down on another pole. Another down to the South on yet another telephone pole. A few more circling a larger patch of desert off to the West.IMG_3952

And one Turkey Vulture who thought Tucker was what’s for breakfast.IMG_4066 (1)

Now what makes this highly unusual is nothing is dead on our 2.5 acres of property. At least not that we are aware of. I walked the entire property and found nothing. Turkey Vultures are natures clean- up crew. They don’t kill things, they leave that up to everyone else. It had rained quite hard just a few hours before so most of the birds sitting on the poles were drying their wings out.IMG_3949 (1)

But one Vulture continued to circle very close to the house and in particular Tucker. If I had a camera and not an iPad I would have been able to capture some very impressive 5 foot wing spans gliding overhead.IMG_3954 (1)

Tuckers size I’m sure is what was making him appealing to this massive bird and his friends. Tucker probably looks like a very well fed rabbit to them.IMG_4042

But Tucker’s size is what makes him dangerous. He’s a small dog. A small and unstable dog who has no problem taking on anything bigger. There is no fear. The looming bird circles again and Tuck is barking his head off complete with spiny back hair and all. He is not about to be anyone’s breakfast. Not without a World War 3 level of a fight. I shove Tuck inside the house and proceed to see if I can find what else could have brought us all this attention this morning.

I found nothing. Sorry Tuck, looks like it was you.IMG_4046 (1)


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