The Right Place

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather it transforms from one form to another.” Albert Einstein.

The sky changes second by second, not minute by minute. If I don’t pay attention magic has passed in the blink of an eye. Mornings are my time and nature knows it and demands it of me, especially now that I can capture it all and share it with the world.IMG_4110

The energy where we live, bumped up next to the dominating Superstition Mountain, is overwhelming to me. This mountain was created years and years and years ago by a series of massive eruptions forcing the earth to bend and break and shift. Energy that strong does not disappear.

I belong here. I feel it. I feel the energy vibrate through me. I know that it is special and it is being gifted to me only because I am so willing to share it. The energy surrounding me wanted a voice. A loud one. It drags me around then shoves my face into the sights it wants me to see.

Too many times now, in just a few simple months of living here, I have been privileged to witness such amazing things that I am convinced I am not the one running this show. No, nature is, and when I follow along I am in for a very cool ride.IMG_3106

This morning I could see off into the distance some rain showers. I use an iPad so sometimes what I can see does not translate onto the screen. So I will take a few shots then look to see what I captured.IMG_4070IMG_4076 (1).JPG

I moved to the other side of the house to watch the sunrise and as usual it was gorgeous so I went out to snap a few shots. I looked at the pictures and kept getting a weird green dot and some blur but I noticed a ray of sunshine beaming down…only on the iPad not to the naked eye. Thinking it was a reflection I continued to move around taking pictures.IMG_4107 (1)

The angle made it next to impossible for me to get the whole view in one frame to show this beam was coming straight from the sky and moving across my front yard as the sun rose! There was nothing it was reflecting off of. This was just a ray of sunshine pretending to be a laser beam.IMG_4100 (1)

This lasted minutes. Had I not stepped outside simply because the sunrise was so pretty I would have never had this very cool moment where the kid in me enjoyed being “chased” by this laser beam from the sky. It was magic. And then it was gone.


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