9th Hole Lost Ball Stats


Sunday August 7th-Friday August 19th 2016

Total:49 Lost Balls found

*Lost Balls found on the street and in the desert from the 9th tee box to the end of the road by the hole for the 9th. Read “Lost Balls” posted Aug.8th 2016

Total Titleist ProV1 found: 5

Full stats at the end.

I have started a spread sheet. Though I am interested in the results creating anything on Excel is a huge pain in the …if you ask me but I love you all and know you are as curious as I am to see how many balls come flying over at us from the course.

Now remember this is not “season”. It’s still over 100 degrees out here. However, because of that fact Dinosaur ( the 9th hole we are focusing on) is only going to cost you about $40 right now instead of  about $130, that might change the number of golfers…we shall see. There are so many factors at play and we just started this… it’s going to be interesting.IMG_4641

If you couldn’t already tell my brain leans to the creative side. I’m positive the computer and Excel will do and answer all of the stats we want I just don’t know how so I am getting help and soon we will have it all broken down. Then we will know exactly just how many Super Hots or Tru Softs have ended up at the base of a cactus across the street.image

Sunday Aug.7th 2016

Nike Mojo #2

*Titleist ProV1

Top Flight XL Distance

Callaway Super Hot

Top Flight Magna High Trajectory


Monday Aug.8th 2016

*Titleist ProV1

Nike Pro Long

Callaway Super Hot

Nitro Ultimate Distance


Tuesday  August 9th 2016 Flash Flood Course closedIMG_4692

Wednesday Aug.10th 2016

Wilson Staff


Thursday Aug.11th 2016

Nike Crush Extreme

Srixon Z Star XV

Taylormade Burner


Saturday Aug.13 2016

Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist ProV1X

Nike Hyperflight

Maxfli Noodle Long and Soft

Nitro Ultimate Distance

Polara Ultimate Straight

Taylormade Burner

Taylormade Distance

Taylormade Aeroburner Soft

Taylormade Tour Preferred

Taylormade RBZ Distance


Week total 27 lost balls found

Sunday Aug.14 2016

Taylormade Burner 2.0

Wilson Staff Duo Spin

Titleist DT Solo

Nike Mojo ( Aaron’s Last Round w/o Permission! Nov.2015)

Titleist ProV1 ( Samuel Adams)

Noodle + Long and Soft

Srixon Soft Feel


Monday Aug.15th 2016

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Warbird

Titleist NXT Tour

Callaway Superhot

Titleist DT Tru Soft

Srixon Z Star


Tuesday Aug 16th 2016 worked late

Wednesday August 17th 2016. Javelinas were out then recorded almost a minute of coyote howling so no I did not go wander around down there.

Thursday Aug.18th 2016

Callaway Supersoft

Wilson Staff Duo


Friday Aug.19th 2016

Titleist DT Tru Soft

Bridgestone Golf

Titleist ProV1

Taylormade Distance

Callaway Tour

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX


 Sunday August 7th-Friday August 19th 2016

Total:49 Lost Balls found around the 9th hole of DinosaurIMG_5193

Tee time

Some days are good. From start to finish good. We had one of those days yesterday and can I tell you how needed it was? Last week was day after day of plumbing nightmares (post: “Running Water”) and stress.

You earn good after a while. Life throws you so much that every so often it all goes right and you have a really good day.IMG_3348

A yummy cup of coffee, a fun wander around the property with the dogs, then baths for the two unsuspecting filthy pups was the start.

Jethro the 17 year old dog was left alone to nap away his day.

Fluffy and clean and with full bellies we left the dogs to “watch the house” and off we went to the golf course.

He plays and I drive the cart and goof off. Gold Canyon Golf Resort this time of year is awesome for us locals. It’s still one of the most gorgeous courses around but because it’s 9000 degrees outside it’s cheap to play and no one is out there. He paid right around $25 to play on a course that in season goes for over $100 a round! (Sidewinder)IMG_3244

We “walk on” at around 11 or so. (Don’t let that term fool you. I “walked” to the cart. That just means we didn’t have a time reserved and were able to just walk on to the course to start with no waiting. No one is walking a full 18 in this heat.)

They give you a cart, a cooler with ice and water and cups and towels and anything you could ever need to golf without frying or flopping over for the next 4 hours. They even have water with fruit floating in it! Yes please. Spoiled much? Oh and just in case you didn’t grab any of that there is a lovely girl who drives around all day long looking to see if you need anything!

I love to drive the cart. These carts have a map and distance info on a little screen! Golf courses are normally very pretty and quiet so It’s not awful to be the driver.

My best friend is my husband. I have fantastic friends in my life but he sits at the top. He loves golf. LOVES. Cannot emphasize that strongly enough. Loves, loves, loves the game of golf. Me and golf run a close race. I have no problem with it and encourage him to play as often as he can or wants. I’m not just saying that either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a sport and playing it. Go do it. As much and as often as you can! Life is too short to not play. Get out there and Go Play!IMG_2027

My brain does not want to play golf for four hours. My brain wants to hit the ball then wander over to that hole in the ground under the tree to see what’s living in it! It’s not attention deficit either! It’s just my brain finds all kinds of things around it when I take it outside! So I drive and take pictures and wander and keep score and try not to slow down the game! It is too much fun. But I don’t go very often (can’t imagine why I’m not invited all the time hahahaha!)IMG_3245

I am told I am fun to have out there because I don’t take it that serious. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect the game, but as I have stated many times and irritated many golfer friends, it’s PRACTICE! I’m sorry guys but every time you step out there you are “practicing” in order to get better are you not?IMG_3281

Yes, it may be extremely important to you to do really good around your friends but in the end no one got paid or was offered endorsement deals or a green jacket so get over yourself, relax, have fun and hit the ball! Hit it hard and far! Hit it! Then channel your inner Phil and go find that ball on the path or in the desert like he always does and smack it again! Stop throwing expensive clubs into the water, breaking them, giving up the sport or blaming photographers and just go play! Your score will improve dramatically. Besides, look at your outfit? How can I take you that seriously anyways?IMG_3236

Laughing improves your golf game. I hit a shot so bad one time when we were up in Sedona. Bad. Yes, there I was on the first tee, people eating on the patio having no idea that danger just set her ball on the tee and took a full swing! I don’t warm up. Why?  I got this. My shot ricochets off a boulder and screams back towards the clubhouse narrowly missing expensive windows! I crouched down so fast! Hilarious, like that was going to save anything! My husband is dying laughing, relieved he isn’t paying for any damages. It’s all good. Just need a new ball. That’s me golfing. I really belong in the cart.

My golf loving best friend keeps a pretty even temper out there.  I can’t imagine him throwing a club in the water. He’s actually a pretty good golfer. He has golfed for most of his life. His dad loves the game. My father did too. I remember plenty of Sunday afternoons with my father snoring on the couch while any PGA was on. Don’t touch the channel! He was not sleeping!IMG_3294

I was able to take some fabulous pictures while we were out there and even saw an incredibly angry face staring back at me from a hole under a tree! I think gopher but that’s just silly…a gopher on a golf course?

Lunch was at the club house. Half off everything on the menu this time of year! Heck yeah! Home to clean up, let the overworked puppies out to pee then back inside for another nap, then over to my friends house to feed her farm animals! (post: “good times”)IMG_3406

On our way back home from Queen Creek the storms started rolling in. It is Monsoon Season here in AZ so these storms are sudden and can be powerful. We got a good amount of rain last night, lots of lightening and howling winds. The temperature dropped from 109 down into the high 70’s. We thought we had died and gone to heaven! Open up the house, turn off the constantly running air conditioner and let the fresh air in! It was awesome!IMG_3476IMG_3494

Good coffee, clean puppies, golf, half priced yummy food, farm animal love, a thick vanilla shake, a rolling storm with thunder and lightning and much needed rain, all shared with my best friend and love of my life. Can’t ask for much more. Good day.