9th Hole Lost Ball Stats


Sunday August 7th-Friday August 19th 2016

Total:49 Lost Balls found

*Lost Balls found on the street and in the desert from the 9th tee box to the end of the road by the hole for the 9th. Read “Lost Balls” posted Aug.8th 2016

Total Titleist ProV1 found: 5

Full stats at the end.

I have started a spread sheet. Though I am interested in the results creating anything on Excel is a huge pain in the …if you ask me but I love you all and know you are as curious as I am to see how many balls come flying over at us from the course.

Now remember this is not “season”. It’s still over 100 degrees out here. However, because of that fact Dinosaur ( the 9th hole we are focusing on) is only going to cost you about $40 right now instead of  about $130, that might change the number of golfers…we shall see. There are so many factors at play and we just started this… it’s going to be interesting.IMG_4641

If you couldn’t already tell my brain leans to the creative side. I’m positive the computer and Excel will do and answer all of the stats we want I just don’t know how so I am getting help and soon we will have it all broken down. Then we will know exactly just how many Super Hots or Tru Softs have ended up at the base of a cactus across the street.image

Sunday Aug.7th 2016

Nike Mojo #2

*Titleist ProV1

Top Flight XL Distance

Callaway Super Hot

Top Flight Magna High Trajectory


Monday Aug.8th 2016

*Titleist ProV1

Nike Pro Long

Callaway Super Hot

Nitro Ultimate Distance


Tuesday  August 9th 2016 Flash Flood Course closedIMG_4692

Wednesday Aug.10th 2016

Wilson Staff


Thursday Aug.11th 2016

Nike Crush Extreme

Srixon Z Star XV

Taylormade Burner


Saturday Aug.13 2016

Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist ProV1X

Nike Hyperflight

Maxfli Noodle Long and Soft

Nitro Ultimate Distance

Polara Ultimate Straight

Taylormade Burner

Taylormade Distance

Taylormade Aeroburner Soft

Taylormade Tour Preferred

Taylormade RBZ Distance


Week total 27 lost balls found

Sunday Aug.14 2016

Taylormade Burner 2.0

Wilson Staff Duo Spin

Titleist DT Solo

Nike Mojo ( Aaron’s Last Round w/o Permission! Nov.2015)

Titleist ProV1 ( Samuel Adams)

Noodle + Long and Soft

Srixon Soft Feel


Monday Aug.15th 2016

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Warbird

Titleist NXT Tour

Callaway Superhot

Titleist DT Tru Soft

Srixon Z Star


Tuesday Aug 16th 2016 worked late

Wednesday August 17th 2016. Javelinas were out then recorded almost a minute of coyote howling so no I did not go wander around down there.

Thursday Aug.18th 2016

Callaway Supersoft

Wilson Staff Duo


Friday Aug.19th 2016

Titleist DT Tru Soft

Bridgestone Golf

Titleist ProV1

Taylormade Distance

Callaway Tour

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX


 Sunday August 7th-Friday August 19th 2016

Total:49 Lost Balls found around the 9th hole of DinosaurIMG_5193

Lost Balls

A simple walk down the road at the end of my driveway can be dangerous. Sure, the coyotes, the javelina and even the rattlesnakes are always cause for concern, this is the desert. But the real danger, the one with the greater odds of doing serious bodily harm as you walk the road across from my house, is a golfer with a mean slice.IMG_4593

Had the golfers I walked by a couple of days ago not played their random rap(?) music as loud as they did I might not have paid any attention as a seriously sliced Noodle whizzed behind me and sailed down the dirt drive way of a neighbor.

“Whoa!” is exactly what I said. Then I laughed. I have golfed Dinosaur before. The spot in the road I was standing was about 180 degrees from where that ball should have been headed.IMG_4565

Even the best of golfers can hit a shot nowhere near the direction they had aimed. Hooked it or sliced it but either way it was not a good shot. I am also 100% positive this golfer had no idea I was out there wandering around so I didn’t take it personally that he could have killed me with his completely off track shot. His partner in the cart seemed equally surprised they were not out there all alone.

The Gold Canyon Resort http://www.gcgr.com makes sure their golfers are so spoiled and golf focused before they even reach their cart that we should give them partial blame for creating this high velocity danger!IMG_4569

In the Clubhouse they have water with fruit floating in it for goodness sakes! The cart girls drive around to bring you icy cold mango infused towels! Your personal carts cooler is full of ice and cups of water are ready. Spoiled golfers I tell ya!IMG_4570

Then, as their now happy, relaxed and carefree golfers drive over to the first tee of the Dinosaur course, they are met with the most mesmerizing views of the Superstition Mountain that by the time they are teeing off at the 9th hole they are no longer consciously aware there are roads anywhere. Bad slice? Blame those fabulous icy mango towels.IMG_4559IMG_4594

Our regular nightly walks, long after Dinosaur has closed, yields roughly 5 to 6 balls on average. It’s August. I’m starting to think wearing a helmet might be necessary to walk safely during prime golf season.IMG_4641

I’m also starting to wonder if there is a pattern as to what type of balls are found more often. Hhhhmmmm? A study? Stats? That might have to happen…

So far there just seems to be too many possibilities that a chart would make my brain explode. We have found quite a few Titleist ProV1. Not a ball I would be that happy to lose. I’m surprised we aren’t rescuing golfers stuck to the barbed wire trying to go find them! I don’t golf well enough to play with ProV1s. I certainly would climb over the barb wire, into the street and hunt around the desert to find one if I had paid $45 a dozen.IMG_4646

But now that I find them for free…

I think the unknown is what makes looking for these lost balls so much fun. There is always the very real danger of animals and reptiles at that time of evening. The bats zipping and zagging, the night hawks making their rounds. We have heard the coyotes calling. IMG_4643

But every time I see that obvious white, sometimes neon yellow shape sticking out in this desert landscape like a sore thumb I get excited. Can I grab it or is there a rattler staring back under that bush? Is it going to be a “good” one?

9th Hole of the Dinosaur Lost Ball Stats

Sunday August 7, 2016

  • Nike Mojo White #2
  • Titleist ProV1x #1
  • Top Flight XL Distance #4
  • Callaway Super Hot 55
  • Top Flight Magna High Trajectory #3

Daily Total :5