nothing shocking

I can skin a rattlesnake. I own a giant hairy scorpion and a big curly haired tarantula as pets. I have photographed my face next to a rotted Javelina carcass. I can do all of that and still not get the shock that I do when I say I enjoy golf.

Golf?!? Wha?? You golf? Since when???

I guess it’s more believable that I am spiritual and weirdly sensitive to energy or that I’m slightly off and who knows what I’m up to. Everyone seems good with that. But the visual of me on a golf course, for some, is as foreign as me in snow.

The high desert in CA where I grew up was not a hotbed of golf courses. I’m not sure there were maybe one or two local courses at the most. I don’t remember him playing or owning clubs yet growing up, golf was on T.V. every Sunday with my Dad holding the remote hostage. I knew all the top players’ names. I learned the scoring. I heard the whispering announcers tell us to watch in silence from our living rooms in another state because one peep could ruin the final putt for the win!

I hated it.

So, what changed? Why golf now? Why would someone like me choose a sport like golf?

Roughly 20 years ago I met Jay. The day we met I was coming home from Disneyland, he was coming home from golfing. He loves the sport. His addiction for golf took up where my Dads had left off.

With Jay now in my world I was again hearing the familiar sounds of the hushed announcers, but with new names and faces. It still didn’t make me run out and buy clubs. I did start playing here and there with whatever club Jay handed me but would rather be driving the cart.

My father had never encouraged me to play golf. Jay always has.

See, back then, my “why I was playing” was different. I wanted Jay to be proud of me out there. I wanted him and probably others to be impressed. My expectations where grossly misguided from years of only watching pros and never having watched real humans golf. It discouraged me horribly when I sucked at this very expensive “game”. Intimidated by the beauty and size of a real golf course and the very real water hazards in front of me, I felt embarrassed and extremely self-conscious.

Truth be told, most golfers hit balls everywhere and so do the pros. That’s why they yell “Fore!” But the T.V camera angles change your perception of what it’s really like to be out there. My head was so full of “watch the ball- stand like this- swing don’t miss-ohmygod are people watching” I surely didn’t enjoy it. Golf was frustrating, awful and long.

I wish I had known back then that Golf was exactly what my brain needed.

I’m creative. My brain goes all over the place randomly. As I have aged, and my hormones have started running amok, my brain and body have seen some not so enjoyable severe highs and lows. Oh sure, you can add chemicals to the mix and see what works or helps but meditation does not come in pill form. Meditation and exercise are top on any list of ways to help yourself heal.

My brain isn’t going to allow me to just sit idly and clear my thoughts. Oh no, it’s going to beat me up about not doing anything while I “just sit”. I have that mental issue that I think I have never done enough. Never good enough. My brain wants to be in constant motion to keep happy.

To play golf you need to be able to clear your mind. Shut out distractions. Focus. Visualize. Be the ball. Multitasking and golf do not go hand in hand. Life’s other bullshit cannot be anywhere near your brain.

The game of golf itself is simple right? Hit the ball with the metal stick into the cup. Go. You’re on your own. No one even keeps your score. It’s up to you to be honest.

I have good hand eye coordination yet can swing and miss a ball right in front of me. If I get mad about it, my swing will automatically become worse. If I can focus and find that small spot I can hit the ball. If my body relaxes it will flow and swing. If there is stress and tension my body will hit the ball wrong or simply miss altogether. So sure, it’s a “simple” game.

There is even Tai Chi for golf to help with the flow.

Honestly the minute I stopped playing golf for a score but rather for my peace of mind it all changed. The minute I accepted I was new and learning and took off all the expectations, my swing improved. My goal was no longer trying to impress. My goal had become much more personal. Golf was a tool I was using to make me feel better not to become famous.

Putting areas are free. I can practice whenever I want. I have my own driving range and mats at home or can go to any of the courses nearby to practice. I am outside, fresh air, green grass, walking, moving, and most importantly playing. I’m playing. It isn’t anything more than that.

Keep it simple. Don’t make it harder than it already is. Visualize where you are going. Don’t rush, you can walk there. The tranquility and the beauty of a golf course gives me a setting where challenging myself feels less like I’m under an attack.

I was only under attack before in my own mind.

Not so shocking that I golf.IMG_2214.JPG

Tape it Like Bubba Round Three Grip Rippin’


Now that I had an old set of clubs to play with it was time to take off the old crusty grips and begin my “tape it like Bubba” experiment. These grips are obviously factory and never been replaced. I’m curious if there is any tape underneath them at all. Did previous owner “Old Guy” even know? Were these the right size grips for him or did he, like a lot of golfers do, take what was already on them because they were new? Did he suck at golfing because of it and thus the clubs ended up in his closet? If his old score cards I found were any indication…

I grab a club and lock it in place. I slide the curved blade down the shaft and find no tape. The grips seemed to be adhered only in one spot almost midway down and they are dried and cracked making removing the grip as a whole impossible but not horrible to get off. Tiny bits of scraping and I have my first club ready to tape.IMG_8917

Jay surprises me out in our shop “I thought you were going to do my clubs?” Nervously I tell him I have no clue if I can really get a grip over mounds tape without messing up the grip itself but he’s convinced I got this. My interest in this tape nonsense has him intrigued. I’m finding he’s not so set in his ways that he won’t try something new with enthusiasm. This attitude alone gives me confidence to go ahead.

We decide on using a few of his irons from Callaway. On his 8 iron I put one piece of Double sided tape then add another 6 layers of regular masking tape on top for what I am calling 7 layers. I only use solvent around the opening to get the grip in place then with the help of my air compressor the Mint grip slid right on over it all! Next was his 7 iron. I did the same with the tape except added 8 layers on top of one double sided for what I am calling 9 layers.IMG_8925.JPG

Filled with pride that I could do it I handed them off to Jay for a test swing. He could tell they felt different immediately but was it good or bad was yet to be determined.

Never one to let me coast through life, Jay turned to me and said, “Now take these off and put Star grips on.”

Star grips are made with some seriously strong rubber. They come with a three-year guarantee not to do anything bad except be a grip. Mints have a much softer rubber. Still a good grip but not near as intimidating to play with. Jay knew that was a hurdle I had no choice but to get over if I wanted to really do an experiment like this.

With the help of my compressor, the Mint grip slid right back off. Tape still in place. I just needed to slide a new Star Grip on. I felt my chest tighten. This wasn’t going to be that easy.

I add a little solvent to the opening and slide the grip into position. The compressor’s blasts of air opening up the grip, pushing back at me as I guide it along, squealing over 7 layers of tape!

It didn’t rip! It didn’t blow me back into the wall!

Ok…time to try 9 pieces. The same. With an air compressor and a little solvent, I was able to slide the grips on. The feel obviously different. Star Grips with their strong rubber made the shaft feel like a baseball bat in my hands! But what will it do for Jays swing? His overall game? Will my game improve? IMG_8941.JPG

Tape it like Bubba Round Two “Go Old School”

I’m at a local yard sale and see a set of golf clubs leaning against the wall. Nothing fancy, certainly not new, but looked as though rarely used. I bee line over to them but can see out of the corner of my eye Jay lightly shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me. I ignore him. I know what I want this set for if I can get it cheap enough.

“Spalding Futuras” Old guy says. They been sitting in his closet for years. It showed. The faux leather brown on brown bag was still looking cool, old school style, but with rusty zippers. Bulging pouches full of golf balls plus God only knows what else. A few extra woods not part of the set thrown in for good measure along with a ball retriever and metal cart.

Jay has now positioned himself next to our car like he’s ready to leave in a half- hearted attempt to stop whatever deal I am trying to make, but, says nothing. I smile at him like the Cheshire cat.

Old guy likes me so much he gives me all of it. Clubs, bag, all his nonsense. Insists I take everything including the old rolling cart. I didn’t tell him what I had planned for these clubs, just that I was excited to take ‘em off his hands and clean ‘em up. I think he was under the impression I was very new to golf. Wonder where he got that idea from? (Insert Cheshire cat smile here)

Using free clubs also makes it easier for me to justify ripping off grips and wasting supplies just to see if I can put new grips over excessive amounts of tape like Bubba Watson. It’s my math logic. Paying for newer expensive clubs to try this seems silly. I’m not trying to impress, I’m trying to grip.

The book “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” by Dr. Bob Rotella talks a lot about the thoughts you have as you play your game. Positive thoughts tend to produce positive outcomes. Its part of the puzzle that creates a winner. Practice and natural ability of course are huge parts of the equation as well. So, my positive outlook on old clubs is this: when these clubs were made they were considered good to play with. Yes, we have better materials now blah blah blah but honestly, I refuse to make the excuse that my bad shot was my clubs fault. If I were to hand one of these “old clubs” to a scratch golfer I’m going to bet tons of money he could hit the ball with it.

I’m more than happy to try my “tape it like Bubba” experiment out on a set of older clubs. I want a set of clubs that I can put different layers of tape on random clubs of my choice. I do not want all the same thickness otherwise I won’t be able to tell. Again, my logic.

I took the bag home and dumped its contents all over the floor. Some really old, crispy golf balls came tumbling out along with nasty cigarette butts, matches, tobacco unused, score cards, tees…the usual suspects.

Warm soapy water and some scrubbing gave me a shiny set ready to be regripped. Now all I needed was to decide what tape, how much and on which clubs?


Tape it Like Bubba

Round One

“How Much is Enough?’”

The other day after I finished reading an old article about unique golf grips, my next suggested reading option that popped up was about Bubba Watson. I’m not a Bubba hater, he’s just not one of those golfers I tend to go out of my way to read about on purpose.

This article happened to focus mainly on Matt Rollins, Pings PGA Tour Rep who personally installs Bubbas grips, so I was a little more enthusiastic to read on.

Bubba was using Ping’s 703 Gold grip by Golf Pride. It’s oversized by one 32-nd of an inch. On top of that, Rollins was installing 10 layers of tape on the top half of the shaft and 12 layers of tape on the bottom half with one complete layer of tape over all. For Bubbas lob it was 13 and 11.

“Damn, Bubba…picky much?!?” and “Why?” were my first thoughts.

Supposedly it’s because Bubba fears hooking.

Now, this article was from 2012 so it’s possible all these specifics have changed, but at that time, this set up was giving Bubba the game he wanted.

I was intrigued.

In the article Rollins says the only other Pro he knew of doing anything even remotely like this is John Daly who comes in second with 6 layers of tape.

So, just for some light fact checking, I went on to look up and read a few more articles that all said basically the same thing except having Daniel Udd, Pings Master Technician working on Watsons equipment exclusively not Rollins. Safe to say whoever has the honor of gripping for Bubba is among Ping’s best of the best installers and are at Watsons disposal doing whatever Bubba wants because that’s how Bubba likes it. He’s a damn good golfer. You can’t argue his tape situation works for him.

Most of the articles I found also highlighted the fact that stretching over that much tape was busting the cords on the grips they were using. At some point Bubba switched to a cordless style. The feel of the cords outside must have mattered less to him than the bulk he wanted underneath? I doubt Bubba switched grip styles just to make it easier on the installers. He doesn’t come across as that kind of giver.

This just led me to even more questions.

Is the feel that much different with 10 pieces of tape instead of one or two? Five or six? Can you really tell? Does it change your game that much? Is it mental or superstition? Does Bubba just THINK extra tape is better so therefore it is? Why doesn’t Ping make a Bubba inspired grip that is internally thicker? Would that still not feel the same? Why are females supposed to hold smaller grips? I have never played with anything but men’s clubs and grips because that’s all that was available to me for the longest time. I want a decent grip to hold onto, not a pencil. Smaller grips just make my hands tired by the 3rd hole. If Bubba can play with a caveman club sized grip why can’t I?

Now Bubba has me wanting to put 10 layers of tape under my grips!

Most clubs come standard with either one piece of tape or none. How would the average golfer even know if just one more sliver of tape is going do the trick and not just switch grip styles or brands all together?

As someone who installs grips, my curiosity went into overdrive.

All the articles mentioned how it was not easy for these top installers to get grips over that much bulk. It also sounded like it was done by hand installation and not compressor, but I could be mistaken. None the less, the best installers Ping has ripped grips and popped cords in the process. If I was going to try this myself I was already being warned there would be casualties. For Bubba and Ping it was roughly 20 grips for 13 clubs. For Stace and Mint…?

I’m pretty sure Bubba or Matt or even Daniel isn’t going to take my calls and tell me all about where they are at currently in 2018 with his tape set up or give me any pointers on application. If I really want to learn anything about the differences extra tape makes or how it improves your game, I’m going to have to do it myself along with the help of some golfing friends.

Our business carries Star grips and Mint grips, so I have access to plenty of different styles. Both companies suggest using compressors to install their grips and I do. The first time I tried manually installing Star grips over standard double-sided tape, 4 out of 6 stuck midway up the shaft no matter how much solvent and cussing I tried.

Oh, I got them all off eventually without cutting or damaging the grips themselves and installed properly but not until after more cussing and literally solvent dripping down my arms.

Jay videoed my reaction the first time I used a compressor to install my Stars. That first grip slid on so easy I wanted to kick my whole set up for the abuse it had put me through earlier.

So, for this tape thickness experiment I have in mind, I’m chosing to play with Mint grips. Mint grips are good quality at a cost that won’t hurt so bad if 7 or 8 end up in ruins on the floor like the Ping article suggested could be the case. They also have a softer rubber that makes them easier to install in general. I’m a fan.

There is one obvious problem with this little project of mine and it is that I am not a consistent golfer.

Two days ago, at the driving range, standing all alone at the end stall, I smacked two shots with my driver so far to the right into the trees you would have thought I had purposely aimed at the poor ball attendant hiding behind his cart trying to take a leak!

I don’t even call myself a golfer. I like replacing grips and selling tools like practice mats that help fine tune a player’s overall performance. I see myself more as a mechanic for top race car drivers. I’m happy in the shop, dirty, music up loud, tinkering with the equipment. For me personally, every swing I take is simply practice. I play golf for the mental peace it gives me, not for the scores. I measure myself against all other golfers as I should…by height.

So, to really learn more about how extra tape could work for or against a player I’m going need avid golfers and their feedback.

I need to ask Jay first to see what he thinks.

Jay’s a good golfer. He’s consistent, practices almost daily and is always working toward lowering his score. Detail oriented, disciplined, a Marine, he is the one who taught me how to install grips. I do all his taping and gripping so I know I am trusted. But Jay, like most golfers, has worked hard to make his grip comfortable and natural in his swing. And like most golfers, over the years he has become particular about what he believes works best for him. Asking to mess with his grip, possibly his game and his score is most likely not going to be received with the same level of enthusiasm I have for conducting this random test. He is going to notice the difference immediately, but will it be for better or worse? Would he be willing to play with a new grip if it meant shaving off numbers from his average?

There was also the other problem… I can’t ask Jay or anyone else for that matter to try this experiment with me if I can’t prove I can get grips over that much tape! No one asks for 10 or 12 pieces of tape in the real-world, Bubba! At most it’s 2!

So, what clubs am I practicing on? How much tape will I waste and how many grips will I rip before I admit defeat? What is Jay going to say if he watches me mangle a few grips before I get it down? Will that image alone mess with his confidence?

Am I regripping all of his clubs or just a few? With how many pieces of tape?

I had better have some answers before I go and ask…IMG_7244.JPG

9th Hole Lost Ball Stats


Sunday August 7th-Friday August 19th 2016

Total:49 Lost Balls found

*Lost Balls found on the street and in the desert from the 9th tee box to the end of the road by the hole for the 9th. Read “Lost Balls” posted Aug.8th 2016

Total Titleist ProV1 found: 5

Full stats at the end.

I have started a spread sheet. Though I am interested in the results creating anything on Excel is a huge pain in the …if you ask me but I love you all and know you are as curious as I am to see how many balls come flying over at us from the course.

Now remember this is not “season”. It’s still over 100 degrees out here. However, because of that fact Dinosaur ( the 9th hole we are focusing on) is only going to cost you about $40 right now instead of  about $130, that might change the number of golfers…we shall see. There are so many factors at play and we just started this… it’s going to be interesting.IMG_4641

If you couldn’t already tell my brain leans to the creative side. I’m positive the computer and Excel will do and answer all of the stats we want I just don’t know how so I am getting help and soon we will have it all broken down. Then we will know exactly just how many Super Hots or Tru Softs have ended up at the base of a cactus across the street.image

Sunday Aug.7th 2016

Nike Mojo #2

*Titleist ProV1

Top Flight XL Distance

Callaway Super Hot

Top Flight Magna High Trajectory


Monday Aug.8th 2016

*Titleist ProV1

Nike Pro Long

Callaway Super Hot

Nitro Ultimate Distance


Tuesday  August 9th 2016 Flash Flood Course closedIMG_4692

Wednesday Aug.10th 2016

Wilson Staff


Thursday Aug.11th 2016

Nike Crush Extreme

Srixon Z Star XV

Taylormade Burner


Saturday Aug.13 2016

Titleist NXT Tour

Titleist ProV1X

Nike Hyperflight

Maxfli Noodle Long and Soft

Nitro Ultimate Distance

Polara Ultimate Straight

Taylormade Burner

Taylormade Distance

Taylormade Aeroburner Soft

Taylormade Tour Preferred

Taylormade RBZ Distance


Week total 27 lost balls found

Sunday Aug.14 2016

Taylormade Burner 2.0

Wilson Staff Duo Spin

Titleist DT Solo

Nike Mojo ( Aaron’s Last Round w/o Permission! Nov.2015)

Titleist ProV1 ( Samuel Adams)

Noodle + Long and Soft

Srixon Soft Feel


Monday Aug.15th 2016

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Warbird

Titleist NXT Tour

Callaway Superhot

Titleist DT Tru Soft

Srixon Z Star


Tuesday Aug 16th 2016 worked late

Wednesday August 17th 2016. Javelinas were out then recorded almost a minute of coyote howling so no I did not go wander around down there.

Thursday Aug.18th 2016

Callaway Supersoft

Wilson Staff Duo


Friday Aug.19th 2016

Titleist DT Tru Soft

Bridgestone Golf

Titleist ProV1

Taylormade Distance

Callaway Tour

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX


 Sunday August 7th-Friday August 19th 2016

Total:49 Lost Balls found around the 9th hole of DinosaurIMG_5193

Lost Balls

A simple walk down the road at the end of my driveway can be dangerous. Sure, the coyotes, the javelina and even the rattlesnakes are always cause for concern, this is the desert. But the real danger, the one with the greater odds of doing serious bodily harm as you walk the road across from my house, is a golfer with a mean slice.IMG_4593

Had the golfers I walked by a couple of days ago not played their random rap(?) music as loud as they did I might not have paid any attention as a seriously sliced Noodle whizzed behind me and sailed down the dirt drive way of a neighbor.

“Whoa!” is exactly what I said. Then I laughed. I have golfed Dinosaur before. The spot in the road I was standing was about 180 degrees from where that ball should have been headed.IMG_4565

Even the best of golfers can hit a shot nowhere near the direction they had aimed. Hooked it or sliced it but either way it was not a good shot. I am also 100% positive this golfer had no idea I was out there wandering around so I didn’t take it personally that he could have killed me with his completely off track shot. His partner in the cart seemed equally surprised they were not out there all alone.

The Gold Canyon Resort makes sure their golfers are so spoiled and golf focused before they even reach their cart that we should give them partial blame for creating this high velocity danger!IMG_4569

In the Clubhouse they have water with fruit floating in it for goodness sakes! The cart girls drive around to bring you icy cold mango infused towels! Your personal carts cooler is full of ice and cups of water are ready. Spoiled golfers I tell ya!IMG_4570

Then, as their now happy, relaxed and carefree golfers drive over to the first tee of the Dinosaur course, they are met with the most mesmerizing views of the Superstition Mountain that by the time they are teeing off at the 9th hole they are no longer consciously aware there are roads anywhere. Bad slice? Blame those fabulous icy mango towels.IMG_4559IMG_4594

Our regular nightly walks, long after Dinosaur has closed, yields roughly 5 to 6 balls on average. It’s August. I’m starting to think wearing a helmet might be necessary to walk safely during prime golf season.IMG_4641

I’m also starting to wonder if there is a pattern as to what type of balls are found more often. Hhhhmmmm? A study? Stats? That might have to happen…

So far there just seems to be too many possibilities that a chart would make my brain explode. We have found quite a few Titleist ProV1. Not a ball I would be that happy to lose. I’m surprised we aren’t rescuing golfers stuck to the barbed wire trying to go find them! I don’t golf well enough to play with ProV1s. I certainly would climb over the barb wire, into the street and hunt around the desert to find one if I had paid $45 a dozen.IMG_4646

But now that I find them for free…

I think the unknown is what makes looking for these lost balls so much fun. There is always the very real danger of animals and reptiles at that time of evening. The bats zipping and zagging, the night hawks making their rounds. We have heard the coyotes calling. IMG_4643

But every time I see that obvious white, sometimes neon yellow shape sticking out in this desert landscape like a sore thumb I get excited. Can I grab it or is there a rattler staring back under that bush? Is it going to be a “good” one?

9th Hole of the Dinosaur Lost Ball Stats

Sunday August 7, 2016

  • Nike Mojo White #2
  • Titleist ProV1x #1
  • Top Flight XL Distance #4
  • Callaway Super Hot 55
  • Top Flight Magna High Trajectory #3

Daily Total :5

Tee time

Some days are good. From start to finish good. We had one of those days yesterday and can I tell you how needed it was? Last week was day after day of plumbing nightmares (post: “Running Water”) and stress.

You earn good after a while. Life throws you so much that every so often it all goes right and you have a really good day.IMG_3348

A yummy cup of coffee, a fun wander around the property with the dogs, then baths for the two unsuspecting filthy pups was the start.

Jethro the 17 year old dog was left alone to nap away his day.

Fluffy and clean and with full bellies we left the dogs to “watch the house” and off we went to the golf course.

He plays and I drive the cart and goof off. Gold Canyon Golf Resort this time of year is awesome for us locals. It’s still one of the most gorgeous courses around but because it’s 9000 degrees outside it’s cheap to play and no one is out there. He paid right around $25 to play on a course that in season goes for over $100 a round! (Sidewinder)IMG_3244

We “walk on” at around 11 or so. (Don’t let that term fool you. I “walked” to the cart. That just means we didn’t have a time reserved and were able to just walk on to the course to start with no waiting. No one is walking a full 18 in this heat.)

They give you a cart, a cooler with ice and water and cups and towels and anything you could ever need to golf without frying or flopping over for the next 4 hours. They even have water with fruit floating in it! Yes please. Spoiled much? Oh and just in case you didn’t grab any of that there is a lovely girl who drives around all day long looking to see if you need anything!

I love to drive the cart. These carts have a map and distance info on a little screen! Golf courses are normally very pretty and quiet so It’s not awful to be the driver.

My best friend is my husband. I have fantastic friends in my life but he sits at the top. He loves golf. LOVES. Cannot emphasize that strongly enough. Loves, loves, loves the game of golf. Me and golf run a close race. I have no problem with it and encourage him to play as often as he can or wants. I’m not just saying that either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a sport and playing it. Go do it. As much and as often as you can! Life is too short to not play. Get out there and Go Play!IMG_2027

My brain does not want to play golf for four hours. My brain wants to hit the ball then wander over to that hole in the ground under the tree to see what’s living in it! It’s not attention deficit either! It’s just my brain finds all kinds of things around it when I take it outside! So I drive and take pictures and wander and keep score and try not to slow down the game! It is too much fun. But I don’t go very often (can’t imagine why I’m not invited all the time hahahaha!)IMG_3245

I am told I am fun to have out there because I don’t take it that serious. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect the game, but as I have stated many times and irritated many golfer friends, it’s PRACTICE! I’m sorry guys but every time you step out there you are “practicing” in order to get better are you not?IMG_3281

Yes, it may be extremely important to you to do really good around your friends but in the end no one got paid or was offered endorsement deals or a green jacket so get over yourself, relax, have fun and hit the ball! Hit it hard and far! Hit it! Then channel your inner Phil and go find that ball on the path or in the desert like he always does and smack it again! Stop throwing expensive clubs into the water, breaking them, giving up the sport or blaming photographers and just go play! Your score will improve dramatically. Besides, look at your outfit? How can I take you that seriously anyways?IMG_3236

Laughing improves your golf game. I hit a shot so bad one time when we were up in Sedona. Bad. Yes, there I was on the first tee, people eating on the patio having no idea that danger just set her ball on the tee and took a full swing! I don’t warm up. Why?  I got this. My shot ricochets off a boulder and screams back towards the clubhouse narrowly missing expensive windows! I crouched down so fast! Hilarious, like that was going to save anything! My husband is dying laughing, relieved he isn’t paying for any damages. It’s all good. Just need a new ball. That’s me golfing. I really belong in the cart.

My golf loving best friend keeps a pretty even temper out there.  I can’t imagine him throwing a club in the water. He’s actually a pretty good golfer. He has golfed for most of his life. His dad loves the game. My father did too. I remember plenty of Sunday afternoons with my father snoring on the couch while any PGA was on. Don’t touch the channel! He was not sleeping!IMG_3294

I was able to take some fabulous pictures while we were out there and even saw an incredibly angry face staring back at me from a hole under a tree! I think gopher but that’s just silly…a gopher on a golf course?

Lunch was at the club house. Half off everything on the menu this time of year! Heck yeah! Home to clean up, let the overworked puppies out to pee then back inside for another nap, then over to my friends house to feed her farm animals! (post: “good times”)IMG_3406

On our way back home from Queen Creek the storms started rolling in. It is Monsoon Season here in AZ so these storms are sudden and can be powerful. We got a good amount of rain last night, lots of lightening and howling winds. The temperature dropped from 109 down into the high 70’s. We thought we had died and gone to heaven! Open up the house, turn off the constantly running air conditioner and let the fresh air in! It was awesome!IMG_3476IMG_3494

Good coffee, clean puppies, golf, half priced yummy food, farm animal love, a thick vanilla shake, a rolling storm with thunder and lightning and much needed rain, all shared with my best friend and love of my life. Can’t ask for much more. Good day.


Our heat here in AZ has been so extreme this weekend we continue to set records, yet I can look outside my window to the tee box on the 9th hole of the Dinosaur and see 4 men happily waiting their turnimage

Just like the Superstition Mountain we live next to, the game of golf seems to have this pull, this energy, this drive that makes a grown man go outside in 110 degree weather to “play”.

I can hear all of you golfers now “Just get an early tee time.” It was 95 degrees at 5:30 this morning with an expected high of 117! No joke. (6/20/16)

The way our little house sits on the hill we have spectacular views all around. The mighty Superstition dominates the North and East views. But if you look out to the South you see golf, the tee box for the 9th hole. If you look out to the West you see the 11th hole tucked into the mountain.

Living here I’m finding there are golfers for whom excessive heat is not going to stop a good round of golf. Blasts of hot wind, heat radiating in waves on the concrete, doesn’t matter. Its golf. And right now its CHEAP golf on some of the best courses in Arizona. When you normally can pay well over $150 a round during peak season, a $35 tee time can entice a serious golf lover to go withstand oven like heat to start a round at noon.image

$15  will get  you a tee time round 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Just go to

I love golf. It’s a great sport. I just have no idea why anyone would want to play in this heat! But I see them. They are out there.

Now I’m not a golfer. I don’t think what I do out there classifies as actual golfing. I’m told if I “practice” I will get better. If hitting one or two balls  10 times or more at a hole that I never get it into isn’t “practicing” then I don’t know what “practice” is. Just the word “practice” makes me giggle. Practice. I repeat the word “practice” about nine times like I’m Allen Iverson…not a game…we talking about practice. I belong in the cart.

Most courses are beautiful and quiet. Like being in a park. Usually lots of nature too. I have even seen alligators! ( No, not out here. In South Carolina, another home of some amazing golf courses.) An alligator laying by the greens is not enough to stop a golfer! Especially in the South where they are common.image

I guess it’s like us out here in the desert with lizards and snakes, it just comes with the territory.I have seen deer, quail, squirrels, roadrunners, lizards and more bunnies than necessary out on our “home course” Dinosaur. Like a ridiculous amount of wild bunnies. I’ve counted 9 and 10 just hanging out by a fairway. They just kill me. After years of golf course living they still have absolutely no idea how to navigate any oncoming cart traffic. Confusion every time.image

Javelinas usually don’t get to roam on the courses but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear someone tell they saw one or two.They wander through my yard. I’m sure they find their way onto the grass. My husband seems to see coyotes quite often. But coyotes and Javelina are not going to stop a good round of golf any more than an alligator is. Be serious.

Planes were diverted yesterday. Couldn’t land. It was too hot. I’m not making that up. It is illegal for planes to land or take off once the temperature hits 120. Something to do with the effect the heat has on the equipment.

4 hikers died this weekend on our trails due to the heat. The news reporter said one of them was a personal trainer. This heat is serious.

I can just hear the argument that its actually SAFER to be a golfer:“ Golf courses have carts. No hiking except to find your ball. Golfers aren’t walking the whole round. The carts have coolers with ice and beverages. The carts give shade.”

Its 110 degrees outside currently. Just saying.image

Sure, you could also argue that the colorful clothing golfers wear make it much easier to spot one in distress when he flops over on the green holding a flag! I see you guys from a good seven iron away. I see those neons. Golfers are much easier to rescue. Rarely is a helicopter required.

For some even the worst round of golf in this heat can produce an inner happiness that a walk through an air-conditioned mall just can’t provide.image

Don’t believe me? Ask a golfer.