Giving Tuesday

I could use your help. My nonprofit is called the Desert Nature Alliance. We support our community by providing nature based #STEAM education support , wildlife awareness and field study support, desert safety information and by volunteering to clean up and adopting part of the highways.

There are so many people out there that wish they weren’t so alone or lost in learning or just trying to live life. Once we opened our new space and could reach more if our community, the needs became varied. It wasn’t just the need for some help learning , it was a lot more. The disconnect our society has faced caused a lot of hidden damage. One by one , hugs and tears and talking, we have started to make a difference in our community.

When you are not known for retail, it is extremely hard to make a go of a nonprofit. I am funding it all with the help of my Math teacher husband. We are not wealthy. We just believe change can and should happen. I don’t know if I will ever take a paycheck but I am ok with that.

Our state, Arizona, ranks #47 in education. That’s appalling. Why there isn’t a serious call of action I do not know. For years now Arizonas education offered has been #47 places away from the best there is to offer.

We built a YouTube channel full of animals and education. We offer classes and support. We are using one wall as a Gallery to showcase local art. With our license, we help remove fallen birds from the roads.

Please take a moment to go to our website and see just how much we have dedicated ourselves. Grants haven’t happened yet but the rent continues to need to be paid.

Help me by sharing our story. Follow us online. Watch our videos on YouTube.

Support when you give everything you have means so much. It’s what keeps the fire alive

Thank You Sincerely



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