We’re Painting The Roses Red….

Question time.
Put your nose to the photo and these roses have the same smell they do in the store , zero!

In 2022, roses no longer have fragrance!! Go to any grocery store , stand by the flowers and tell me what you smell . Go grab a dozen in plastic and stuff your face into it and take a huge deep breath in! Nothing . Why?!? Oh if you Google it, growers are going for “durability” and looks at the cost of fragrance. Purposely growing roses that don’t smell . Wtf????? Why? Durability? Nothing screams romance like a good non fragrant durable rose I tell ya. Or is it to keep the cost down so more and more cheap non scented red roses can flood the markets for made up holidays like Valentines Day? True Romance❤️

How much water, land, resources, trucks, distribution… for flowers that don’t smell at all! Then are we to “keep” them in more water till they “die”
and throw them away? Over fill our homes with dozens and dozens of wildly elaborate bouquets Kardashian style just to brag and post online? What the hell are we doing as a society?!?

If you come visit my @desert_nature_alliance shop, I sell Wild and Dried Flowers, and as part of the larger conversation, dried long stem roses. At least in dried gothic form they can “live” on much longer and no one expects them to smell anymore. I don’t make “potpourri”. That’s a weird old term and brings up images of odd smelling, fake colored, artificial plant parts. Sorry, I have better taste than that. None of the Wild and Dried or pressed flowers at the DNA have any artificial anything added. You add your own scents or oils or sparkles if you choose. So is it ok with you that we as a society that struggles with drought and climate changes, continue growing flowers that have zero fragrance?

Your thoughts below : #paintingtherosesred #roses #fragrance #arosebyanyothername #whatdoyousmelllike


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