Aloe Update

December 3 2016 I posted Aloe Be Thy Name   showing you clumps of Aloe in my yard that needed to be groomed. Now, two months later, after being separated, you see just how happy of plants that created!

So this is the reminder of what we started with…


And this is what they look like apart and happily growing stalks.img_0283

Yes, it’s work and you are going to get scratched arms but the end reuslt is so very worth it. And yes these all needed homes but fortunately I have 2.5 acres and a hillside that could use some support. They are drought tolerant and fire resistant.img_7964

The center stalk will bloom orange when younger but as the plant ages you will get these thick yelow stalks that the birds and bees love.



Happy Desert Gardening everyone!



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