Bill walked down the side of the road, golf club in hand. The sun had set. Time to head home for a quick shower and dinner before the game came on. It was definitely nice having a golf course right across the street though the free nightly practice hadn’t improved his game as much as he had hoped.

Bill always felt a twinge of dread when he turned the corner onto the dirt road that lead to his house. Bats. The street light on the corner was their beacon. They came from everywhere to circle wildly around the light. Driving by this nightly spectacle was creepy enough, walking under it was definitely worse. Bill gripped his club tighter and continued towards his house.

Bats fluttered and flapped in every direction. Start and stop motions as they zigged and zagged around the night light, too busy to notice Bill’s approach. Or so he thought.

Bill’s pace picked up as he rounded the corner and headed down the road. He wanted distance from all of those bats.

Something whizzed above Bill’s head. He spun around swinging his golf club in every direction. With the sun having set, anything flying at this time of night was virtually invisible but he knew what it was. It was a bat.

Bill stood in the road holding his club, ready to swing. Looking all around he saw nothing. As he turned to head home a bat flew directly into his face. It was as if time stood still. Eyes meeting, brain comprehending what each is seeing for a mere half a second, the fluttering.

Bill yelled and cussed, swinging his golf club wildly, smacking the bat and watching it crash to the ground with a thud.

Adrenaline rushed through Bill’s body, he let out a deep throaty scream of victory as he stood over the twitching, dying beast.

But this incident did not go unnoticed. This strike declared war. Hundreds of bats now flew directly towards Bill. Diving directly at his head, bats biting and swarming, spinning around him.

Bill turned to run but tripped, smacking his head against a rock as he fell to the ground. Unconscious, Bill lay bleeding in his driveway. Unable to fend off the attack. Hundreds of bats covering his body. His fingers being chewed away. The bats making sure he would never hold a golf club again.


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