I have a Zippermoe and you don’t. Pretty bold statement I know, but it’s true. I am not sure how many Zippermoes are in existence but I know they are rare.

My Zippermoe has traveled with me across country and back, packed away in my desk but it came. I’m not a very good Zippermoe parent. Probably not giving it the love and attention I should.

Don’t recall the exact date I was given my Zippermoe but I can vividly recall my reaction. My brain slowed and swelled trying to take in all that was a Zippermoe and yet at the same time fought to hold back my mouth and my well known facial expressions from becoming the living embodiment of the phrase “WTF?!?”IMG_4975

It was a very sloooow “W…T…F…?” Head cock and all accompanied by a “wow” and a “yikes” I studied my new gift.IMG_4976

What could bring on this level of creativity in a human? This was created in 1999. 17 years ago. What were you doing 17 years ago?

17 years ago Jeff Earleywine thought it would be a good idea to wash his cats shedded hair, glue a magnet and some eyes to it, name it, package it up in a little baggy normally reserved for illicit drugs, add a typed back story ready to share with the masses and then he created a website for it. 17 years ago.IMG_4979yes this is happening to you right now….IMG_4980


…time you will never get back…IMG_4981

I have owned Jethro for 17 years. I have swept up mountains of white shiba hair in 17 years. Papered, purebred shiba hair. But never once thought I should make Jethromoes out of it. Probably because the name sounded so bad. I could even make Cottonmoes and Tuckermoes but honestly it would be some crazy hybrid since they are all white and it would require a microscope to separate the strands.

It doesn’t matter anyways. A Zippermoe is from a cat. I own dogs. Funny, cats are known in general as having attitude. I wonder if these cats had any idea what was happening to their fur.IMG_4982

4 thoughts on “Zippermoe

  1. No way!! I’ve never heard of such a thing! This makes me think of those Pet Rocks. Who would have thought those would ever become a thing. I do love that you’ve had yours for 17 years! And as an owner of a Shiba-mix, I’m all for your Jethromoes!


  2. GROSS. Seriously, its a clump of cat hair and you are carrying it around for 17 years. WTF indeed, get out of the sun, the sun has fried you brain. No kidding, this is disturbing and your bragging about owning it. This is more frightening than any of your October scary stories could ever be. I got to go shower now….

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