Organ Stop

Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa AZ is a fantastic place to take the whole family.I had never been before so I was excited to see what it was all about. I was invited to a close family friends son’s 2 year birthday party. We arrived at 4 and there was a long line waiting to get in.IMG_3844

The obvious star of the show is the massive organ that fills the walls and then some.IMG_3824 Add lights and a blaring sound system and you have the makings of a really good time! Long tables fill the dining hall and there is also a balcony with a terrific view so there is more than enough room for even the largest groups.IMG_3822 There truly is not a bad seat in the house.IMG_3831

For July it was Christmas at Organ Stop Pizza complete with lights, trees and Santa and Mrs. Claus. Maybe it’s a desert thing but Winter in July happens quiet often. We are all crazy from the heat so we play along!IMG_3820

Roughly 30 minutes after they open the lights dim and the show starts. For the next 45 minutes a ridiculously talented man by the name of Charlie Balogh will play all varieties of music and take requests. He is raised from beneath the stage on a rotating platform as he plays the organ. It’s the entrance we all want!IMG_3915

The lights change and flash, kids are dancing with pizza, Santa is giving away candy canes, the level of noise rivaling any rock concert, it’s Organ Stop-palooza! And it’s awesome!

Lew Williams, Donna Parker and Brett Valliant perform there at different times as well.

Surrounded by all ages with big smiles on their faces you will know you are experiencing something special. Playing an instrument of this magnitude or even housing one is extremely rare. With everything in our culture running as fast as it can towards the newest and latest, it’s nice to know there are still places who value and enjoy the history and sounds of an era gone by.


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