there’s a storm moving in…

The other night I was out trying to film bats. I have no hope taking a still photo of one so I figured let’s try a video and see what happens. As it turned out I got a fun video but it had all kinds of problems downloading for me. So I set out last night to re-create my bat video only this time I planned on keeping it short. I’m guessing it was the length of the other video that was the problem with downloading.

There is a storm down to the south that has no plans on making its way to us dry and scorched desert dwellers. No the storm is going to sit far enough out that we feel the humidity and even get whiffs of the smell of rain and get to enjoy the sky it brings but that’s it. No rain.

The bats are not cooperating. Though they hang out in the same location, last night they were flying so zig zag and sideways and all over that it was next to impossible to not fall over trying to film them. It just wasn’t our night.

But to the south a fun lightning show was happening. I turn to film it and catch a sliver of a lightning bolt! I’m now obsessed and sit for the next  half hour trying to catch a better video. I have an iPad and I am miles and mile and miles away from this storm. But check out what I caught!




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