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Time for some positive desert reporting! I found a new local radio station that I love to listen to especially in the morning. 99.3 the Wave.

If you have read “Soundtrack Not Included” you know already I am a music lover. What I am doing determines what music I am listening to and at what volume. The mornings don’t go much above 2, maybe to a 4 on the volume dial.

Also by now if you have read a few of my posts you know I don’t sleep well and I’m up extremely early. I tend to have creative ideas flash through my head so I try to write down whatever I can. The earliest stuff tends to be just brain dumping. By 4 am I am drinking coffee and trying to record more coyote howling. My brain is already full by six am so the news tends to just be painful.

So I turn on the radio. We have two big old school stereos. I keep both on as I wander through the house or if I go outside so I can still hear it.

With the weather being so hot lately the only good time to sit outside and write is super early. The benefit of listening to local radio wherever you live is they can see the same sunrise you do. They know at 5am in Gold Canyon when it’s still over 80 degrees out that some chill Jazz music is what is needed to get the morning off right. I couldn’t tell you the names of any of it and that’s perfect. My brain wants to look at how pretty the sunrise is, drink my coffee and wake up happy. The Wave 99.3 has been doing just this for me every morning now and I felt it was time to sing their praises!

It can’t possibly be easy to get a new station on the air and get support. Creative fields are some of the toughest markets to make it big in. Ask any actor, writer, singer, musician, photographer…Local support is crucial.

Most of you will think “I’m too far away to listen to that station” and you are right. It does not have that kind of power. But if you haven’t already, I encourage you strongly to turn on a radio and scan to see who is struggling to get on the air in your area! They can still play whatever they want so you will get the opportunity to hear music you either had no idea was out there or songs that rarely get air time because they aren’t top 40.

I love music, all genres, so who knows what might pop on the radio that makes me set down my iPad and dance. The other day I was outside writing, chillin’ with the dogs and Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You” came on. Yes. I danced.IMG_1310.JPG

So all you locals turn on the radio! Support some local music! If you come to visit Gold Canyon turn the dial over to 99.3 the Wave and chill with us as you enjoy the amazing views.






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