Coming soon…

I am currently working on a series of scary stories. The kind you tell around a fire. My ultimate goal is to turn them into a book. Real photos not drawings. Just one or two images to help you along. Everyone I have mentioned that to pretty much has looked at me, cocked their head and said “it’s only July…” or “isn’t it kinda early for that?”

Actually no it isn’t. It’s way overdue. We have been needing some new energy pumped into scary stories around the fire for a while now. October is only a few months away and writing doesn’t happen overnight so no it’s not early at all.

I love scary. I love creepy. I love different. I’m tired of zombies. I’m tired of the rehash of the same old stuff. I want you to get into my brain! Don’t simply try to flood me with gore.IMG_2506

Creepiest scene in Psycho was not the shower. That scene, especially for the year it was filmed, was nothing short of brilliant. But not creepy. Hitchcock gave us creepy beforehand while the beautiful Janet Leigh sat with the incredible Anthony Perkins and ate her sandwich. The unease felt in that scene sets you in a VERY uncomfortable mood. You now know Norman is unstable. He’s not right. Now you’re creeped out. Now you’re ready to really be scared.

I love crazy. Misery is another brilliant movie for cringe worthy creepy moments so far past what you normally see on the big screen I wanted to stand up and cheer watching this one. Kathy Bates is beyond amazing in this if you have not seen it. Oh and good luck not being scarred for life.

I am writing SHORT stories for a reason. I want to offer you stories that you can actually remember and retell when you are goofing off scaring your own friends and family hanging around one night. I don’t even care if you act like you came up with the story all by yourself! I would love to be responsible for some crazy retelling of completely made up of stories scaring the heck out of your loved ones!

Tears or peeing is always a good reaction when telling a scary story or even decorating your house for trick or treaters so keep that in mind.IMG_2506

Nothing makes me smile bigger than the child too afraid to walk up to my door because of my Halloween decorating mayhem. No, I’m not going to tell you it’s all fake or it’s ok come get your candy. Nope. That’s not the whole point of this game kids. You are going to earn that candy from me. So I guess you don’t like thousands of spiders huh…? Creepy music? Oh sorry… no candy for you…maybe next year.


(Side note to any and all adults reading this: If like me, as a child, you took out your pillow and used that pillow case to collect candy for Halloween you have an obligation to participate in the whole trick or treating as an adult! If you sought out those magically over decorated houses and walked extra blocks, went twice or made your parents drive you and your friends to get there then you at the very minimum as an adult you need to give away candy and keep that porch light on! And don’t tell me things are different now a days or it’s too expensive. I’m sure those adults back then dreaded all of us cheaply costumed, pillowcase carrying, candy hoarders coming at them too!)

These are completely made up stories but I am definitely using as much real life desert inspiration as I can.

So consider yourself warned. These stories are coming in October. Coming to you from the desert by a person who is just crazy enough to lay outside in excessive heat taking pictures of little plastic cowboys.

Start collecting the firewood. Grab the marshmallows and a blanket. Find your flash light because you are going to need it.

They are coming soon.IMG_2506


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