The Positive Reporter.

You will see a new tab on my menu for positive desert reporting. We can shorten it to “pdr” for the menu. I have given myself the title “positive reporter” among the other things I call myself.

There is a ton of cool stuff that is out here but gets overlooked, never reported on or simply not big enough to afford mass advertising. Now some of what I will write about probably has been written about before but what’s wrong with a new boost? It could have been years since anything has been said or written.

Sure there is place for “the news” and serious stuff but that’s not here! That place isn’t even on my site!

It is MY desert view isn’t it? adesertviewwstace?

So let’s go find fun stuff, cool stuff and hopefully unique stuff out here! I have sent out requests to a few cool places already but if you know of something or someplace you have heard of let me know!

positive desert reporting…

Why not? I can… so I just did.image


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