The other morning I’m sitting on the couch just barely awake. Coffee is just starting to brew. It’s still dark. Then I hear the first howl. Its coyote. I run for my ipad and tear out the door hoping to catch the next howl if there was even going to be one. I hold the ipad above my head in the direction I think its coming from. Pure darkness is all the camera picks up. I hit record just in time to hear the second chorus. Then silence. I got it. I hit play and it sends shivers up my spine. Those howls just came from outside my home!

Gratitude barely covers it.

I’m shaking delighted.  Come on people! I’m not some professional Nat Geo photog following coyotes. No I’m the crazy with the wagon remember? (A Green Wagon)  I’m the one a disappointed vulture circled the other day when it saw me laying out in the rocks photographing a yellow plastic cowboy!  Seriously, you could see it fly off with attitude when I moved signaling I was still alive!

Yeah that me just recorded wild coyotes!

I can’t tell you how grateful I was that this audio of coyotes could be played for anyone who clicks! Just download. I could share something so cool with a click. It’s that easy.

It’s a choice. I could choose to not share. I could keep it for myself. Listen over again alone when I wanted to hear those chilling howls. Mine. All mine. But to me even as I typed those words it felt awful. Not share this? How could I not? If I have more than enough to go around why wouldn’t I share?

So I do. So I will. For any and all who want. Coyote howls are cool.


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