The morning ritual. I get up super early with the dogs, make coffee and wake up. If you read “Monday Morning” you know things don’t always start nice and mellow but today its quiet.

The monsoon is in full effect and we have had a nice amount of rain for us. Too much rain and us desert people flood. Too little and we crack. This morning is beautiful but a little humid so I’m having coffee inside.

imageThen I hear this sad little buzz. A bee has unfortunately had to spend the night inside the house hopelessly banging itself into the window trying to get out. Now morning has come and the poor thing is simply worn out. The open door to the left has been ignored. Too weak to get there at this point or simply doesn’t know or understand it’s there.

I could sit here and act like it doesn’t matter but the truth is I can relate to the bee. I’ve been there. I too have taken wrong paths that lead to banging your head. I too have stubbornly stayed when just simply changing courses would solve everything.image

I’m not afraid of bees. I believe when left alone, respected, they go about their day with a purpose. I have friends who are allergic so I understand not wanting them in your space. I also know the media doesn’t help when they hype up stories of bees attacking.

But not all bees are the same.

I go grab the fly swatter. I tried to get the bee to crawl on my ipad but that was a no! Help was not welcomed with open wings. We would rather bang into the window ten more times then step onto the unknown and possibly off to freedom. Nope. Wont do it.

The fly swatter worked. I don’t know why. The flimsy wobbly plastic compared to the rigid ipad? I don’t know if it felt better to the bee or if that even mattered but we stepped onto it without a full bang into the window melt down this time so that was good.image

I carried it outside and set it down on the bench. You could see the breeze bring it back to life. Little wings fluttered, we wandered across the swatter and then flew off to freedom.


Then I saw the start of the sunrise. And this time it wasn’t Jethro I would be thanking.




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