Things that Don’t Belong on a Trail

I can’t. I just can’t. It used to be cigarette butts but now it’s even worse. It grosses me out to no end to see a nasty discarded travel dental floss thing just tossed onto the ground like it’s just going to magically disappear. Is it someone else’s job to pick it up? Should an animal come eat it?

Help me on this. If you are so concerned about your dental hygiene that you purchase and use these gadgets and obviously you hike or you wouldn’t be on a trail so that means you take care of you, then why can’t you toss the gross thing into the trash where it belongs?

There really isn’t going to be any answer you can give that’s going to make throwing trash on the side of a nature trail ok. It’s not. Stop it.

* photo was taken in the parking area at the start of a local trail.It is not staged




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