Another thing that prompted this blog, the amazing animal encounters we have had in such a short time. Ok, wait, before I type another word let’s make sure we are clear on a few things.

I am NOT feeding or trying in any way to get animals onto the property, to make them pets or to touch any of them. There is a whole ecosystem I have just moved into and am learning who all is here. I probably wont get many photos of them unless I get lucky because I don’t always have a camera around.

So far we have seen a large scorpion, quail, roadrunners, woodpeckers, cardinals, humming birds, bees, spiders of all types, lizards all types, squirrels again of various types, an owl that on again off again seems to live in one of the sheds, a snake, rabbits, jackrabbits the size of a dog no joke, deer, bats, and our most disruptive visitor so far is a small family of Javelina. Mom, Dad and youngster. We had quite the first meeting. That story another time.

Despite having years old barb wire the Javelina come on through anyways. I refuse to wall in 2.5 acres of natural desert. We came here. They were already here. We will learn to do this safely. And again it starts by not feeding them. I had hoped to compost but I’m going to need to do some research or get your help with suggestions on how when you have this type of animal near. Meanwhile I just have to learn to not take it personally when one of them chomps through my purple prickly pear or tears out a whole cactus in the front yard. That happened a few days ago.

We have heard coyote a few nights but can’t say every night. I’m hoping to record it one of these nights so I can post it here.

So far no big cats. No bobcats or larger.

Yesterday morning a guy on a horse came riding through the property and down our driveway. Not fast just a slow walk I guess you’d say. So I’m adding horses to the list of animals seen on the property.


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